The Meridian Method

Ancient Origins

Over 2000 years ago the Chinese discovered a system of electrical and chemical channels running throughout the human body. This system is made up of 12 channels known as Meridians. These Meridians maintain the communications that are essential to the function of our bodies. Unfortunately, the Meridians in our bodies can become blocked as result of stress, injury, trauma, and an unhealthy lifestyle. If our meridians are blocked for an extended period of time, we will begin to see symptoms caused by this damage. This is why ancient Chinese medicine developed various techniques, such as acupuncture, to correct problems caused by blocked meridians.

Modern Application

Humanity has developed many different approaches to improving and enhancing meridian health. However, we weren’t satisfied with the complexity of these methods. So we developed our own method to address meridian system health. We call it the Meridian Method. The Meridian Method employs the powerful properties of pure essential oils to support and restore Meridian function. Specialized oil blends known as Meridian Oils are applied at strategic locations on the body. These locations are the beginning and end points of the meridian in need. The right essential oils can help your body heal a weakened meridian. In other words, the right meridian oil blend with the right meridian is a recipe for success! We have found that this method is the most simple and effective way to utilize and assist the meridian system. A healthy meridian system may enhance healing and well-being.


Diagram sourced from The Guild of Energists (The AMT)

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