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Great things come from small beginnings. Our story started with a simple idea. We wanted to combine the concepts found in ancient Chinese medicine with the principles found in aromatherapy. Chinese medicine teaches that there is a system of channels, or Meridians, running throughout the body that support and sustain life. Aromatherapy teaches that various plants can be distilled into Essential Oils with beneficial properties. We were interested in both fields of study, however we weren’t satisfied by the results and the research of either field. We were inspired to begin our own research to find out if we could support the function of the Meridian System with specialized blends of essential oils.

Over the course of five years, our team of specialists developed and tested 17 formulas for supporting Meridian Systems. Although the research was difficult at times, it ultimately resulted in essential oil blends that support Meridian function when properly applied. The results of our research are too great to keep to ourselves, so we created the Meridian Method and the Meridian Oils. What began as a simple search for answers, has become a big blessing in our lives, and we hope it can help you, too.

Whitne Strain – Founder

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