Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Meridian Oils different than other essential oils?

Essential oils are a byproduct of plants, trees, flowers and shrubs that can be obtained through a process called distillation. They are the unique “essence” of each individual piece of vegetation. Meridian Oils are a blend of individual essential oils. Their synergies are unique to each meridian.

Can I take Meridian Oils internally?

These blends are NOT designed for internal consumption. They come from first distillation and are highly concentrated. They are prepared in a food grade carrier oil, but that does NOT make them internally consumable.

Are Meridian Oils harmful to my skin?

It is rare for someone to have a negative skin response to essential oils when they are prepared in vegetable or fruit carrier oils. Should your skin react, discontinue use and call a professional. We would also like to know. Please send us an email after you have cared for the concern.

Where can I buy Meridian Oils?

They are currently only sold online but we will be presenting them to professionals for onsite sales.

How do I know what oils I need?

If you are a newcomer to the world of wellness, then you can use the product descriptions provided. Customers who are familiar with muscle testing can use that method. A professional such as an acupuncturist can designate the oils best suited for your post-visit support.

How are oils applied and how often?

The simplest use is to apply at the beginning and ending point of each meridian. Professionals may choose to apply to other vortices along the meridian path as needed. Frequency can be determined through muscle testing or as directed in the handbook provided with your purchase. Default application would be 3-4 times a day.

Do you ship internationally?

For international orders, please email us at or call us at 1- 801-797-9973.

Can't I just align my meridians with acupuncture or other methods?

Just as our own health requires various components working together for our well-being (i.e.: exercise, nutrition, detoxification, and stress reduction) our meridians benefit from varied approaches. Meridian Oils are unique in that they transfer anti-infective, organ specific, and process specific properties into the meridians themselves through essential oils. Remember, each blend is unique. Most other meridian supplements use one formula for the entire system.

If I use acupuncture, why would I need the oils?

The simple answer is that they are compatible. The Meridian Oil benefits are consistent regular support and dramatic cost savings. For the price of one acupuncture visit, you hold in your hand the ability to maintain the flow daily for an extended period of time. A 1/2 bottle of Meridian Oils contains over 275 drops or applications, and the shelf life of essential oils is substantial.

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