Meridian Oils

Specialized Blends

The Meridian Oils are a highly specialized blend of essential oils developed to work with the Meridian Method to enhance meridian function and overall health. We believe that we have the only oil blends specifically developed to work with the meridian system. There are 17 unique blends developed to target specific meridians and overcome specific issues. Each blend has been thoroughly tested and developed to provide the best results.

Top Quality

We only use high quality essential oils in our Meridian Oil blends because we know that they must be pure to achieve any sort of medicinal results. Although it is challenging to find honest suppliers of high quality essential oils, we have put in the time and effort to ensure our oil blends are truly pure. The oils we use are sourced from a reliable supplier and undergo a series of tests to ensure quality.

Unique Application

The application of Meridian Oils is just as important as their creation. It is important that you select the right blend and apply it in the right location. The Meridian Method is designed to be incredibly simple, yet complex enough to tackle more advanced problems if necessary. We provide meridian charts with our meridian oils so you can know where to apply your oils. You should also consider consulting with a knowledgeable health professional in addition to the meridian charts. The right practitioner can guide you in finding and applying the right meridian oils.

Meridian Oils
Meridian Box
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